Как Снять Обивку Сидений Форд Фокус 2

Как Снять Обивку Сидений Форд Фокус 2

Has risked all taki to try to remove and wash an upholstery of all seats independently, and has not lost!
I read quite a few articles on the FFC, looked at your records in the BZ related to this process and proceeded.

Unfortunately the photo of the process itself I did not do, so I’ll post useful links (thanks to the authors, and sorry for the copy-paste) , and just a photo from the Internet that yes how =) www.drive2.ru / L / 504297 /

I decided to start from the back row of seats, first removed from the bottom, without twisting the seats themselves.
The plastic edge (long thought how to call it) is well attached to the upholstery on the edges, which is inserted into the metal frame itself and snaps into it. It is removed easily, the main thing is to start.
Having removed the upholstery of the lower part, proceeded to the backs, and here an ambush — without removing the backs themselves — you will not remove the upholstery.
How to remove the rear seat row — Here the process is described how to remove the backrest. At first I thought that it was necessary to unscrew all the bolts, but to get close to some of them is difficult. But carefully searching for information — I realized that there is enough slotted screwdriver. (details in the link above)
He took off his back and dragged them home, together with the seats. And already at home I started to smash them))))
Upholstery is also fixed with metal rings behind the guides of the knitting needles, which in turn are in the foam rubber, and pull out their nizya.

I had to unbend these rings, with regular pliers.
When reassembling used ordinary plastic ties, and easier and pressed a little better.

Установка чехлов на Ford Focus 3 (Trend Sport)

Washed the upholstery in the washing machine, at first the lower part, then the backs themselves.
They are afraid that the plastic edges will bend — do not, they are strong enough and bend well.

I cleaned everything and everything that is connected with the back row — I hung it up and dried up all in one evening. Also forgot to mention the upholstery of the headrests, she also took it off and stuffed it into the laundry.

With the front seats was a bit more difficult, in the first it is better to take them off — so it will be more convenient to remove the upholstery, in the second — a little tormented with reheating …

The lining of the backs of the front seats is fixed to the relief — metal spokes, which are inserted into the upholstery and fixed to the inner spokes in the foam rubber. Bend these knitting needles into the upholstery — is not worth it , it’s better to torment and remove them. There everything is simple enough.

And in the rest — nothing complicated, just bend the rings, and shoot everything and everything.

In the end, all the upholstery is washed, except for the driver’s seat. I did not manage to figure it out, I hope I will fix the situation in the near future, and I will do everything with a photo, in order to describe this process in more detail.